• November 1, 2021 2:21 am
10,000 Gtotal price

Generally offering these services:

  • Full website, design, coding & hosting + domain for 20k (hosting 600 per month)
  • Just design || layout || wireframes (check my graphic design service for pricing)
  • Coding only (10k at once for full site or 800 per hour)
  • Only backend (8k at once for full backend or 600 per hour)
  • Only frontend (8k at once for full backend or 600 per hour)
  • Making it responsive (+5k, for a full site, this is included in price)



  • Garlicoin Address : MEFY7CKmMFx9bDw7CdsU2byb7xktRfjHN8


  • github repositories for each site
  • will give you unlimited hosting if you choose to pay 600 per month
  • first revision for 50% off, else 5k
  • will send all files I created & used during development if requested free of charge

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