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Freelance State-Certified Translator and Interpreter for English, Italian and German

Your number one address for translation and localization services – swift, reliable and garlic-friendly!


I received my degree from the Institute of Foreign Languages and Foreign Studies (IFA) at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, graduating top of my class in summer of 2020. Over the course of a one-year post-graduate course, I expanded my qualification to a Bachelor Professional in Translation Studies. Credentials and references may be shared upon request.

My specialist fields include technology and economics, with additional experience in software and online content localisation. Language services are offered for English, German and Italian.

Prices and Payment

My standard rates are €0.07 per word, with an additional €0.04 for the optional hiring of an external editor. Additional fees of up to 20% of the base price may be charged in the case of particularly strict deadlines (24 hours or less). Discounts and fixed rates are negotiable for particularly large projects and longer engagements.

As a strong believer in the potential of decentralised, non-fiat currency systems to fundamentally alter the way global business will be conducted in the future, I actively encourage my customers to embrace crypto as a means of payment for my services. Garlicoin (GRLC) in particular occupies a special place in my heart as the coin that got me interested in the subject in the first place. However, fiscal reasons combined with the volatile nature of most cryptocurrencies make it necessary to still base prices around the current fiat exchange rate, which will be listed on all invoices for the sake of transparency.


Contact and customer interaction should ideally be handled via Discord, where I can be reached at Hukeng#6662

I can also be found on the official Garlicoin server.

Alternatively, I can be reached via email at hugojanz@msn.com
Please note that this address is to be used exclusively for business-related correspondence.


  • Garlicoin Address : MFnqCDTq9KtBEf2KK2xS7innqNn6UzVF2N


  • Professional consulting and customer service
  • Use of state-of-the-art CAT tools and terminology management systems
  • Flexible and negotiable rates for large projects and longer engagements
  • Optional hiring of external, native-speaker editors


Discord Hukeng#6662


Discord Hukeng#6662

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