• March 16, 2022 12:20 pm
1,000 G

The one who holds the record on April 30, 2022 wins 1000 GRLC.

To participate the replay must be uploaded to tm-exchange.

This is the map: https://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/trackshow/9417406

The game is Trackmani Nations Forever (free): https://store.steampowered.com/app/11020/TrackMania_Nations_Forever/


1. install game

2. download map to C:\Users\Alex\Documents\TrackMania\Tracks\Challenges\Downloaded

3. play map ingame in solo mode

4. make record

5. upload on https://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/trackshow/9417406 from C:\Users\Alex\Documents\TrackMania\Tracks\Replays




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