• November 20, 2021 10:33 pm
160 G2,000 G

Korean Ddakji (the game from Squid Game)

If you watched Squid Game, you may remember the paper flipping game in the subway. I bought these in corner stores around the school and used to play with these in Korea more than a decade ago. I have no use for them anymore. Please note that a lot of these (especially the standard size ones) are worn because I played with them against others kids when I was in Korea.


Standard Size (25 available): 60 GRLC for each (shipping not included)

Medium (2 available): 100 GRLC for each (shipping not included)

Large (2 available): 120 GRLC for each (shipping not included)

Extra Large (2 available): 160 GRLC for each (shipping not included)

Ninja Star (2 available): 200 GRLC for each (shipping not included)

100 GRLC for shipping unless you buy everything

Looking for 2000 GRLC (shipping included) for Everything


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