• October 1, 2021 3:10 am
500 G5,000 G
total price

Expertise in logo design, branding, merchandise, wireframe(mobile/web), business cards, posters, NFT and business analytics and much much more.

Customers from garlicoin community : Jorge, Post Blockchain, Open-Blockchain.io and you

For merchandise : Worldwide delivery available.

For digital : All files including raw files will be handed over.

Accepting : GRLC, LTC, BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

NFT store : opensea.io/cryptovizard

Garlicoin discord: rajatnano

Garlicoin reddit : u/coinbytedotin


NOTE:- There is no per hour cost for my work. Charges are per design only since this is my hobby and an attempt to promote the blockchain community specially garlicoin.





  • 1. Pay per design not per hour
  • 2. Accepting garlicoin
  • 3. Specialize in logo design and business theme/branding
  • 4. Professional data scientist and designer by hobby
  • 5. You very own garlicoin community member (reddit: u/coinbytedotin)

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